HIGH4’s Updated and VERIFIED Official Member Profiles

The HIGH4 members were first introduced worldwide through their collaboration with IU. Now fans around the world get a chance to know more about them through ‘HIGH4, Who am I?’ The first episode, posted online on Melon and 1theK‘s YouTube channel (with English subtitles!), has the boys showing us their IDs to verify their date of births and tell us about their hometowns. They also pulled out the measuring tape and got on the weighing scale to verify their heights and weights. Time to know the truth as the boys will face dire consequences (which they imposed themselves haha) if they were caught lying!

(Click on CC for the subtitles)

The member’s names, dates and places of birth:


Showing their IDs as proof:

Alex’s real name is Alexander Kim and he was born on September 7, 1990 in New York, USA (Myunghan wrote New York in Hangul as “nyu yok k” haha emphasizing the “k” in New York as they pronounce it. He looked proud of himsel after writing and explaining it xD). Kim Sunggu was born on January 22, 1992 in an island known as Daebudo in South Korea. Baek Myunghan was born on february 15, 1993 in Daegu. The caption when he showed his passport picture said something like “Um who are you..?” haha because he looked somewhat different from what he did before. Sunggu even said “What did you do..?” and Myunghan protested that it was just make-up xD Lastly, Yim Youngjun was born on August 24, 1995 in Suwon. The caption or his picture said “pretty boy/flower boy.”

The members’ upated heights and weights:


The boys wrote their heights and weights next as they announced it on their official profiles (Myunghan said his height changes depending on the weather xD) then went ahead and verified them. All three except Youngjun lost some weight since then. The maknae, who’s also the tallest among them, actually even gained some weight, which is noticeable when looking back at their previous pictures. Myunghan is the tiniest, weighing at 50kg T_T (Please be healthy).

The next episode will show each of the members’ roles in the group and their performance abilities. In this episode, we already learned that Sunggu is a dictator in their dorm haha with Youngjun showing us that as soon as they get into the dorm, Sunggu will immediately order him to do a chore like the laundry. Sunggu became a little violent as he laughed and protested, and it’s nice to see Myunghan stepping in between them. Meanwhile, the eldest, Alex, is just quietly observing as usual xD

So cute to see this little dynamic between the leader and the maknae haha, especially since Sunggu is complaining that Youngjun doesn’t listen to him anymore that’s why he put him on the top of his list and himself at the bottom with “T.T” (to the protests of the two youngest in the group xD). Youngjun is definitely going down in the history of witty maknaes who won’t let themselves get bullied their hyungs xD.


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